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Marble Stone

Elegant and sophisticated, marble stone will accent your lifestyle

Why Choose Marble

Marble is the height of luxury for interior countertops. Used for many thousands of years, marble countertops are the choice for those who want luxury and style in their homes.

The strength of marble countertops vary depending on the sealing and maintenance of the counter. An unfinished, not well maintained marble counter can be easily scratched and stained. The unfinished stone is porous and absorbent so it tends to soak up stains which makes it impossible to fully clean. However, with proper installation and sealing done by Prestige Granite you should have none of these problems with your marble counters.

The main attraction to marble counters is the color choices available. Marble is limestone which has been formed under the earths pressure. The result is what you see today, which is a hard substance of crystals and eccentric lines and colors. The color spectrum marble comes in is extensive, so you can get any color you desire to make your countertop match any decor already in place.

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